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My husband and I signed up for Direct TV mostly for their NFL Sunday Ticket promotion since we are GB Packer fans living in Michigan. We did not have any other good tv offers in the area and went with them.

Our installer was great. At the time we had a regular older tv and he let us know that at any time we could upgrade to HD since we were talking about buying a newer tv. What he didn't let us know, and maybe he didn't even know that you are only considered a new customer for 14 DAYS after installing. Really...14 days???

So for HD only qualify for free HD upgrades if it is within your new customer time period. Why in the world would I sign up, only to change my equipment 2 weeks or less later. That's a joke. Also...if you do decide to upgrade their gonna slam you with almost $300 worth of fees to get it.

Its over $400 to buy out of your agreement. After spending countless hours on the phone trying to find one person who is kind enough to help us out I am sick and tired of their bull. I'm not looking for a handout. I know these things cost money but come on!!!

$300 for a receiver that I'm gonna have to give back in 2 years. No thanks! Oh and I have never met such rude customer service. I actually had one woman give me a 5 minute lecture on how things in this world aren't free and I have to step up and deal with that.

If I had a spare $400 I'd be out of this contract and never looking back. Prior to signing up with direct tv, I had been told many great things.

I will never recommend Direct TV to ANYONE. It is not worth the hassle and it is not worth the hours spent on the phone getting nowhere with their useless customer service people.

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