So I had Time Warner for my phone, internet and cable and I simply wanted to get rid of the cable and keep the internet and phone since TWC got rid of some channels I wanted (and their customer service sucked). So I called to remove the cable and they said a technician had to come over to "˜downgrade' and it would cost me 40$.

I decided to get DirecTV so I set up and appointment with them on Wednesday (my work from home day) from 9am-12. On Wednesday, the dude calls me at 10am and says he will be there at 11. At 12:30, I call him and he says he is on his way. He did not get to my house until 2:00.

Once he finally got to my house, he just walked to the backyard and after a 2 minute inspection, he said he cannot do anything and needs to reschedule. He said, "regulations say we cannot ground the dish to your existing power meter because it is too old and you will have to go to Lowes and buy a grounding rod for 15$ and put it in the ground. I cannot do that because I am not an electrician." So we rescheduled for Sunday and I said goodbye and closed the door. He sat in his van outside in front of my house for a good 45 minutes doing who knows what.

So I go to Lowes and buy the grounding rod (which is atleast 8 feet tall) and start hammering it into the ground (only 6 inches must stick out of ground). Then I get tired and angry at why I have to do this. So I call some friends and they all said DirecTV installed the grounding rod for them! So I call DirecTV customer service and they apologize and give me a whopping $15 credit for the grounding rod and I say I want to report them to their supervisor because they were lazy and lied to my face.

She said they are a 3rd party contractor and she would forward it all to their local supervisor. So on Saturday, Time Warner dude comes by to disconnect the cable and leave me with the phone and internet. He left after 20 minutes and didn't even enter the house. After he said he finished his job, for some reason I still had cable TV, then a few hours later, the phone and internet go dead, but hey I still have TV!

I call time warner and they said the guy did not do his job right and now I have to reschedule for them to come back on Tuesday to fix it. Then on Sunday, DirecTV calls and says we are on our way and I say to please not bring the same guys from before. To my surprise, the direcTV customer service office did not tell them anything that happened and their supervisor was not notified, so I had to explain to them what happened on Wednesday and again I said "˜do not bring out the same guys that lied to me and were lazy!'. The guy on the phone said, "˜oh no this guy is different, he is our best guy'.

So I ask, "˜do you know the name of the guys that came on Wednesday'? He said, No. Then I asked, "then how do you know it's not the same guy???". He just said again it's their best guy and I said ok.

The dude came and spent the next 6 hours connecting the dish and receivers. Then after all of that he got the receivers to the non-hd TVs working, but not the big HD plasma. Then I hear him call directTV customer service and he says, "oh no...please don't tell me that! Noo, oh man...".

Ugh so then he says that the specific type of configuration I have with the TVs and packages, I am the only person in DFW that needs this special part on the dish and they need to special order it. So now I only have limited dish TV. So then the direcTV guy reschedules and leaves. About an hour after he leaves, the heater to my house stops working.

I go up to the attic and looks like some cables are disconnected.

The dude was working in the attic for a long time putting down new cable wire and he must have done something to the heater. So to summarize, in my mission to simply change TV service, I now have limited channels, no internet, no phone and no heater (and it was 25 degrees outside last night and 55 in my house).

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