Direct TV is a rip. I can't get the service I not only paid...getting some help with my concerns is a maze of numbers which lead to nowhere!!!

Now their recorded machines are set to ask HOW your going to pay each month...NOT why you have to pay this amount...my question!!! I want them out of my life...off my deck...get the dish and stick it where the sun doesn't shine!! Their approach has threatened my credit rating if I don't "buy into" my current charges...which I question..their guarantees for ONE year are bunk!...they jack the rate when your not looking out of "auto pay" from your hard earned money...you have to have a computer to get any rebates..not as a paying customer who deserves the breaks with or without computer. If you do, you have to give them information that is private and none of their business which is probably sold to some other company to load your e-mail with junk.

I want out...I want good service...I want to depend on what was agreed. I did not ask for a rollercoaster scam of suddenly in their system ....my problem...which I didn't ask to have.

I am a customer...I will be treated as such....out Direct TV...(as soon as I can find the f......ing correct number to do so. Judy Wilson

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