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I got my ill today from direct tv which should have been for 1 month @ $101.00 utwas for $191.00. They ae up with some lie about a credit charge of $48.00 given back in August of 09 that they gave me and now they charged it back by @50.00.

What kind of mess is this? They gave me a credit on this bill of #73.00 $6.57, $ 5.00 & 4.00. but slipped in a charge of $50.00 an the bill went from $101.00 to 191.00.

That some real fuzzy math if I can say so from Florida wanted to cancel, but was told I have a contract that last until june. Yocan bet I have marked my calendar and will dump their $%^&.

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The same happend to me said it was gonna be $90 and my bill is $160 and im stuck in that *** contract! The CONTRACT THEY DONT BOTHER TO TELL YOU ABOUT! Direct TV is a SCAM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


They did the same thing to us. They also did not bother to tell us we had a two year contract and now we are paying more than we should and stuck with a contract that we did not know we had until recently. Direct TV SUCKS!!!!!!!

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