By far DirectTV has the worst customer service skills, I have been having issues with them for the past 4 months in which I have to call every month to straighten things out and nobody ever seems to know whats going on with my account, I get transferred a million times to different reps until I ask to speak to a supervisor, but its almost the same thing with the supervisors, they are always lost as well. Well this last call got me to my boiling point, Customer Service Rep by the name of Savannah first of all was very rude to me with an attitude when I was asking her why their web site offers free movers deal but yet they wanted to charge me 280.00 dollars.

I asked her not once, not twice but 3 times to speak to a supervisor, when I asked her the third time she didn't say please hold, as she was irritated, she just cut me off on hold while I was talking. She did not only do that this one time but did it several times when she came back to line to tell me there were no supervisors available and that the supervisor would call me back. At this point I was also already irritated with her, I asked her for the supervisors name and direct number and she continued to say she was only allowed to give me his ID number. She cuts me off again and places me on hold with no warning then comes back 10 minutes later telling me again that I was next and that the supervisor would call me right back.

Again my 2nd attempt, I asked her again for the supervisors ID number again she continued telling me that the supervisor would call me back. My third attempt again to ask her for the ID number she yells at me telling me she did not know his ID number and did not even go get it and places me again on hold with no warning for another 5-10 minutes.

When she comes back she just yells out the ID number and hangs up on me. Im fed up with people like this, they work for the company not own it, and its ridiculous that even after they scam you with these *** prices they still act so bitter and rude with the customers.

Review about: Directv Tv Service.

Monetary Loss: $280.

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