If you have DTV's basic package and are not religious and are childless or not looking for juicers or food choppers(advertising for which you are paying) then, in my opinion, you are suffering from discrimination on DTV's part because, after removing religious and childrens channels from your viewing choices, you only have about 10 channels available. I would like to examine the possibility of bringing a class action lawsuit based on age and/or religious discrimination against DTV and their parent company, to provide equal program access. Actually after reading these sites, I'm sure there other malfeasences(or some such) that apply here. I hope there is an interested attorney, or someone who knows one, who is willing to help get something like this rolling. Incidentally, I Googled the web for DTV complaints and found:

"Results 1 - 10 of about 1,300,000 for direct tv complaints. (0.22 seconds)".

Conservatively speaking, that means there are at least 2 million pissed off DTV customers.

My Gawd, people! It boggles the mind and nearly surpasseth belief!

I'm sure the other cable/satellite, etc. type companies are doing the same so maybe we can get their attention too. Anyway there's no way I can post this on a million websites so if you're with me on this, you can help by posting this on a few of them yourself. Just think, if only one person from half of these 1.3 million websites chipped in a buck we would have $650,000 dollars. I'll bet that would buy some really strong legal assistance. Just food for thought. I'm not asking for money. That would require escrow accounts and other legal things. But who knows what a bunch of angry consumers united can accomplish?

If you can help please email:


Please type "Interested Attorney" or "I can help" in the Subject line.

Please just mail me if you can really help. With permission, I'll post short progress reports on this website if results warrant such.


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