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I am disappointed in your choice of channels for those of us who can't afford the more expensive lineup. I just changed to the Family package and out of the nearly 60 channels, at least 15 are devoted to religion, 6 are intended for children and 2 channels are not even activated.

2 of the four music channels are religious music and the other two are for children. I am a Christian but don't appreciate being bonbarded with it. It would be nice to be able to listen to something a little more upbeat.

I will continue this package but wish you had considered throwing in a couple others like Lifetime or Bravo.

Between the religious channels and kids programming, TV watching is fast taking second place to reading a good book. Thanks for listening.

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I agree with the comments above. In addition to a selection that is poor, the sound is a problem.

When the constant endless commercials are on, the sound blasts and has to be turned down.However, films- especially- are so low (sound) that one misses what is being said. And lastly, we were given a "three month free package" of SHOWTIME around three months ago. The choice was nine channels, with a poor selection of films.

This month we received notice that on 2-9 - "new" charges would begin. I called and was told that new charges would add three dollars to our bill- nothing in writing- but that we could have three months of SHOWTIME- again nine channels, and the SAME FILMS are played that were on five months ago- however- there were a few grade B films added that were awful- and I noted that some of them were modified- missing parts- the sound is worse than ever, and reception is a problem if we experience even one raindrop.

I intend to look into discontinuing service- but we need the internet (wireless) so we are stuck..

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