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I signed up with Direct TV in November 2009 and was told that I would receive a $100 Visa gift card for switching from Dish to Direct. It is now mid April and I am still being told that it is in the mail.

I have received nothing from Direct TV except excuses. Is this promotion a scam? My patience is starting to wear thin after repeated calls to customer service and escalation has not helped. The service representatives try to be helpful but I still have the same end result.

Nothing. If I was as prompt with paying my bill my service would be terminated and I would be heavily charged.

If I cancel my account because Direct TV did not fulfill their promise, I get charged. What happens if Direct TV gets the same service that they are giving to their customers?

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Extremely upset with direct tv promotion of $100 gift card. Nothing but playing dumb and acting like it never existed.

Wasted hours on the phone with useless customer service reps.

Stay away from Direct TV. SCAM SCAM SCAM


I just received a new email from Direct TV now trying to tell me that I do not qualify because I did noy set up with auto pay. Has nothing to do with the promotion that I was offered. Looks like they are making up this condition to try to justify their shoddy business practices again!!


I am extremely upset with direct TV~! I was completely screwed over.

I was talked into this great deal that would cost 34.99 a month.It included over 200 channels,dvr,and two free upgrades. But there was one thing they did not tell me...I had to do a rebate that I was never told about.

I found this out when they called and said it was going to cost me $156.00 for two months of sevice!Not to mention I did not recieve dvr,free upgrades and not one bill or any paperwork in the mail from them.I am still working on getting this problem solved but dont know what to do. if anyone has any comments to help i would really appreciate it.


Direct TV is a racket. Lie to people and ensnare them.

They do it in many ways.

Just tell everyone you can, eventually companies that are not reputable will die. They are quite simply a criminal organization.

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