Las Vegas, Nevada

I am the landlord of 21 unit complex & have never had an installation from Direct TV that was not substandard. The most recent one was putting the dish on top of the roof with screws going straight thru!

I called customer service to have them remove it & they said it was my former tenants responsibility because they had to have permission from the property owner or they would not have installed.

I did not allow the tenant to install & in the future will demand that no dish network be installed on any of my buildings! It will be grounds for immediate eviction!!!!

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#325549 are right I have not had

Comquest.. If you have DTV I wish you the best and hopefully you will never have problems but I'd say "give them time and watch your bank account" don't ever trust DTV always stay one step ahead of them.


uhh.... misty, u are wrong.

Try COMCAST as the dirtiest, most corrupt company there ever was. my bill with comcast was 210.00 a month, my bill with direct tv is 120.00 a month, whos the crooks now? i would say comcast is. directtv aint een close.

go get ripped off by comcast for 10years, then tell mt what you think. :)


Tinker, that's what I meant by reasonable circumstances. You can say you can't attach something to the building or drill holes. My apologies if I wasn't clear.


A landlord has every right to say "You can't attach anything to the exterior" (or "to the roof"). No, they can't say "You can't have DirecTV" but that's different.


If you deny your tenant the rights to a specific company it is ago at many laws that protect tenants from property owners. You also can't disallow satellite installation under reasonable circumstances, that would be a violation of FCC regulations which could be a hefty fine for you.

Bottom line is if you screw something to a roof, their will be screw holes.

That should be a no brainer. Since they seal around the screw their isn't a problem while the dish is attached. If you remove the dish then yes the holes will remain. If this upsets you and you think you need compensation then you should be talking to your tenants, not Directv.

As the tenants are responsible for damages to the unit caused by them or their guests. Guests would include companies they hire to put those holes up there


DTV does not remove their old dish after cancellation of service.I have one on my roof and will have to pay someone to remove it.I am afraid to myself because there may be holes in my roof.I'll never have DTV again!!! I will go without TV first! They are the dirtiest,most corrupt company there ever was and yet they continue to get away with all this.I guess money really does talk!