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This is the third time in 1.5 years that Direct TV and Quest have conveniently unbundled my services. The reason I say "conveniently" is that each time this happens I end up paying at least one of the providers (Direct TV or Quest) more than I should.....this time I have apparently paid Quest too much money.

This time around Direct TV cancelled my TV services on a Sunday....when Quest is closed....how convenient! When I initially called Direct TV about the issue on May 8th, their service department told me that the problem was on their end and that it would be fixed shortly (I guess "shortly" means over two months!). Well, it is now May 22nd and the issue is still not fixed, so when my wife got up this morning and saw that the TV was out she paid Direct TV $221.57....and since I had already paid Quest the full bundled amount for both services, I have now overpaid by that amount. Direct TV and Quest have a great raquet!!

So, I was just wondering..what is the total "overpaid" balance that Direct TV and Quest have in the bank? This does not even address the consistent issues that I have with the internet service....which goes out all the time.

When I call Quest about that, they are happy to send out a techician in the next 5 days, run some sort of test and then tell that I need a new modem. Which they happily change for me...and within 2 days I am right back to having the same problem as before!

Cheers to Direct TV and Quest Internet!

Product or Service Mentioned: Directv Tv Service.

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Wow this sounds so familar. I just have Quest internet though.

I have had it for just two months and in two months time I have had two Q1000 modems replaced! Now this suposed "new modem" which by the way none of their modems are new they are refurbished! Is doing the exact same thing as to why they replaced it in the first place...the net keeps timeing out or thw wifi is very spotie even when I have it hooked up with the etheiernet it goes out. I cant not watch my Nextflix which I paid good money for on my bluray even.

They want to blame all the problems on the moden when in of itself is really the *** net! I've had two tech guys come out and both times they said they had a horrible time trying to get the net back up and spent three hours each at my home.

All my neighbors have comast (i've asked around and when my net goes down I ask if i can get on their wifi talk about embarrasing) and they have never had a problem. I'd hate two pay almost twice the amount for internet as I do with Quest with Comast but dang it at least I'll have wait I freakin pay for!