Stone Mountain, Georgia

I ordered the Direct tv service in the last day of 2009,because I received their flier and saw the $100 offer. I had Charter Cable TV for years and never had any issues with them.

The reason to cancel Charter cable and switched to Direct tv is the incentive:$100 gift card and lower rate for 12 months. But soon after they started my service,they denied that they had the offer. When I called the customer service department of Direct tv, the supervisor said he would offer me $20 instead.

They break their promise and it is my principle not to take the 20 bucks. I'd like to let you people know: be alert,don't make a mistake like I did because the $100.

Product or Service Mentioned: Directv Gift Card.

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I do not know what the problem was for the posters here but I got my card delivered by Fed-ex just 17 days after my direct tv was installed. I could not believe it was here already especially after reading the comments posted here just days before it came.My installer was very polite and ready to answer all my questions.


i was offered 100.00 nfl shop gift card and i am being given the run around .. i called directly and they advised me they will look into it also i have already notified direct tv that if this is not resolved i will sue them for the 100.00 and for my legal fees.


Well i guess im the smart one in the group here. I just received the 100 gift card.

You have to READ everything. Theres a few things you must do including sign up for auto payments and such. You also cant make any changes to your account nor can you be late/have insufficient funds in your account. If you follow these things, the gift card would have come.

I will agree it took 3 months to get it. They do this to give you time to *** up.


I also had the same problem. There flyer should of had an asterik on the card to indicated that it had a stipulation to getting the $100 card, but it did not have that. They are *** I will be canceling the service after the year is up!


does anyone have the actual offer? i am getting the same run around and i want to show them what they offered on-line.


I switched also for the lower rate and $100 gift card offer. When I called after 2 months to find out where it was, I was told it takes 90 days and it would arrive.

After 100 or so days, I called again.

I was told that I had to sign up for direct withdraw from my bank account.



I'm on the phone with support with Victor support number 413818. And he said that even through the sales rep told me that I would receive the credit it didn't matter because it wasn't on the "original order".

So basically becausee someone screwed up I'm out of luck. He said that I coudl file a written complaint that would take 14-21 days to get a response back. So I asked if since it was a breach of contract that I could cancel my service.

He didn't like that at all and said no abosultley not that was not something that I could do........

SOmeone really needs to file some kind of lawsuit against these guys. It's blatent fraud.