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I am on my third Direct TV Receiver. The first I got with the system.

I purchased a HD receiver that I found out from Direct TV had faulty Software but they sold them anyway. Now I am on a new one and the volume keeps going out and I have to re-boot several times per day. This problem did not start until I saw a pop-up on my tv that said Direct TV had updated my software. It is a rip off that each time you buy a new receiver they put you under a new contract.

If they made or caused to be made better quality products you would not have to purchase new receivers all of the time. When I got my most recent new receiver they make me have a new 2 year contract but they will only warranty the receiver for 90 days.If you are making a person have a contract for 2 years they should make the warranty for quality and performance for 2 years.

I agree you can not ask for warranty if it is struck by lightening or a flood or you get drunk and pour johnny walker down it, but it should be covered as long as they make you have a contract for normal use and it just goes out.

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We feel your pain!!

1) We have had Audio Video matchups that make the Godzilla movies seem like they are in sync.

2) We have had 'false positive' recordings. (that's when you ask it to record,...it shows up on the LIST of recorded items,...but when you go to play it...it is not there....just a blank screen plays)

3) We have had severe garbled pixel content

4) We have

Oh....LIVE TV works great....so it can't be the signal!!

11 months: 6 HD DVRs; 4 or 5 service calls....and I STILL am not able to record anything (until the holy grail of software upgrades gets here)

Just another case of big business rolling out crapola that they KNOW is not ready for prime time...but they won't get their bonus check if it doesn't roll out. Sure wish execs got bonuses based upon Quality. Don't they know they could reduce their tech time, if they just waited and provided a product when it was ready? It's all about the bonus check!!

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