Spokane, Washington

I signed up for DIRECT-TV through QWEST our local carrier. I said I was referred by a friend.

Both QWEST and DIRECT-TV gave me the run around switching me back and forth. The bottom line is that DIRECT-TV has denied my referral because I did not go directly through DIRECT-TV. DIRECT-TV told me they do not accept referrals that go through QWEST. They new customer has to sign up directly through DIRECT-TV.

This is not fair to their Direct-TV customers who referred me. No one bothered to explained their guidelines on the referral deal. Why bother to offer a deal if you don't plan to honor it other then you are using your customers as free advertising tools. How shameful!

That's sad.

Product or Service Mentioned: Directv Deal.

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I'm a current Directv customer, with a $95+

monthly bill, need someone to use me as referral to get both of us a $100 credit.

This credit will be applied as a $10 monthly credit for 10 months.

Use my account #046289017 when you call to order service from Directv


Just tell the agent when you sign up that you were referred by a friend and give them my Acct. #046289017.

Good luck and thanks for helping both of us

get a price savings.


my friend referral me to get directtv and i have been trieding for couple weeks to help my friend get her 100.00


Direct Tv's days are limited becuase your not alone in your experience!!! I had the same experience and I went through them directly!

They rate lower than DMV's customer service in my opinion. It's not long before their reputation is going to catch up with their triple bottom line.


File a complaint on the BBB and FCC websites