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Their new trick is they lock onto your computer so you cant refresh your service and they dont have to deal with you in that manner,,i am a new customer ,,my service has been down more than operational,,can get techs or anyone to come repair this,,but they keep billing,,,some one rich needs to sue them as well as dish,,,both companies operate the same,,,sign you up then they are through with you...i dont auto bill,,at least they cant get in my account. what does any one do ,,all are at their mercy..old people are being ripped off by lack of knowledge.

Product or Service Mentioned: Directv Account.

Monetary Loss: $300.

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They (direct TV) screwed me over as well I had a box I bought for a $100.00 from them and sold my house. They cancelled my service until I moved onto my 5th wheel (retired and traveling).

When I called them they said I need to buy a new box because they took the old one out of the system.

( 3 boxes @ 100.00 each, 300.00). Gone!!!


DirecTv customer, self-described during a chat with D-tv Customer Service representative as "Little old nearly-homebound lady" stated a wish to get a lower-cost channel availability from D-tv.

Customer Service Rep, hereafter called "Rep," and the little old lady discussed "Which programs do you really, really like and wish to keep?" Lady mentioned a few channels such as LMN, OWN, AMC, and other similar programming choices.

Little old lady, two days after the on-phone chat with Rep, was stunned to turn to several preferred channels and find that those particular channels had been removed from the line up of wanted channels. NO, there was no D-tv-to-customer notification that the channel line up would be seriously altered.

And we are PAYING for this?? Amazing.

Seems that Ms Rep rather overlooked Lady's stated preferences, hmm? Little old lady will now get in touch with Customer (dis)Service at D-Tv. Yes it will be difficult to keep from raging about the high-handed tactics of Rep...


:grin :( direct tv single sucks every time it rains hard or the wind blows hard we loose single lets hurry up and get the wire under ground like FIOS would be really nice.

@Anonymous would not be satellite service if the signal came from a wire would be cable service.


you can bet your bb, that I will have dish tv before the next bill becomes due. Direct treats your terriable. :sigh


they shut off my direct tv because att takes their money first , and now no tv ugggg


i like to get channel # 605 :? :?


I only wach a few good cannels I don't need the package.


The first sentence of my complaint is supposed to say, I can't think of a service that I have had to deal with that was worse than Direct TV. Everything about is terrible: customer service really bad, internet really slow buffering constantly,TV a joke


I can't think of a service that I have had to deal with that was TV. 90% of there channels are informercials,shopping and duplicates of those channels.

One night a channel comes through the next you are told it isn't in your subscription. I complete messed up my Netflix and online videos by buffering every couple minutes and secons respectively. For 2 months I tried to get them to correct this problem.

In the end I just gave up on them and went back to pricey Cox Cable to save myself from a lot of headaches and frustration. No more satelites dishes for me when my subscription is up the dish is a goner


im switching my tv directv is a total rip off :( :( :(


VERY UNHAPPY with Direct Tv's service!

When we first signed up everything waas great but after a while they treat us like second class citizens, after our 3 month free channels expired they continued to cancel other channels without notice, I was in the middle of watching a movie and suddenly that channel (563) was removed!!

If this doesn't change, then they have lost us as a customer for good!

If this doesn't chnge


I simply need to refresh my direct tv as I am missing channels. It needs a good refreshing and I need some basic instructions


they keep loosing our payment and turned off our service without a word they were going to do it this is the third time they have lost our payment and we pay with money orders but it does not mater :( :( :( :( :(


I was getting the channel#308 which was sleith and then it was switched to cloo. now you tell me I was not to have it.

I would like it back on my Tv. It was to be on the regular channels.


refresh doesn't refresh...junk. aggravating to have to keep going through this all the time.

started a new package. went to hbo and cinemax for 3 months. didn't install on 2nd receiver. phone busy.

site doesn't refresh.

omg!!!! :(


I have had channel coo 308 over two years ,now 308 has been droped from my package If i dont get 308 back or a reduced price on my package Iwill go back to cabel


channel 21 keeps stopping and starting. it skips and starts over in a different spot. a note comes up on the tv to go to direct tv and refresh


what is directv run by Obama now too?

@Edward Wedge

No, it's all because of the incompetent fool who in the White House previously. You remember the one who took us into the bogus war in Iraq and we over 5,000 dead Americans and a 6 trillion $$$ price tag. So Direct TV is still run by the idiots who need to pay for the unnecessary war you airhead