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I called Direct Tv to start service at a new address and was told that they offer bundle service thru AT&T. I called AT&T to set up internet and they said they "do not provide DSL in my new area" and i could only get dial up?

No way i said, i will go with my old company Time Warner so i cancelled. Now i was first skeptical with the whole "we do part of the service AT&T does the rest" pitch but the Rep told me at Direct TV if it does not work out we will give you a refund in 5 to 7 days. It didnt work out with AT&T i called to cancel the lady said "give it 5 business days, you should have your refund". I called in 5 business days Talk to a 3rd repressentative who told me at first the refund will actually be in five to seven business days!

I asked do you see a refund in for me he said yes. He then asked me to hold so he could tell me exactly when it was cancelled and said "Sir your refund wont come back for 30 to 60 days because it was by electronic check"! I was furious i said "i am moving and i dont need a couple hundred dollars tied up for up to 60 days, i cant afford that now" I asked to speak to a supervisor repeatedly and after 10 minutes the rude rep (John Casero# 2411) transfereed me to a supervisor (Maggie # 401517) who said "i am sorry, i do understand but we hold that money becauseit takes that long for it to go back thru the process! I said it only takes Banks all over the world 3 days max to verify funds!!

Why in the world are you guys taking up to 60 days to return potential consumers money!!

They are holding money to make money cause they cant keep up obviously! Whatever the reason i hope a class action suit is a comin!

Monetary Loss: $221.

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