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NEVER, EVER do business with Direct TV! At the initial sign up of service, they ask for a credit card to have on file.

They fail to inform you that they will charge your credit card without you authorization. I never received a paper bill, and when the bill became outstanding, Direct TV stole money from my bank account. I contacted Customer Service and was told that they have the right to continually charge any account that is on file with Direct TV.

I asked to have my credit card number removed from their files, and was told that my credit card information was mandatory. So it is their policy, from the onset, to get credit card numbers and charge unsuspecting customers whenever they feel like it.

Product or Service Mentioned: Directv Tv Service.

Monetary Loss: $206.

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They did not steal your money, you received a service. If you did not pay it they could file on you for theft of services.


You most certainly were told; it's on their website, in all the ads, deals, and offers, AND in your agreement. Whether you signed on paper or electronically you entered into a contact that you obviously failed to read.

It clearly stated that they can and will charge the card YP GAVE THEM for anything you owe them and fail to pay. People like you and all these other blamers who refuse to take responsibility for their own carelessness, mistakes, or downright ignorance are the reason they have to keep cards on file because you all seem to think you don't have to pay your bill if you get your nose out of joint.

Judging by the comments here none of you would ever pay your bills. And by the way, by even having the service and giving them the credit information you're authoring them to charge whatever you owe them, that's in writing in your agreement.


DTV conventiently "forgets" to tell the customer of the auto charge knowing if they tell the customer they can and will debit this account most would not give their credit card#or bank account#'s. Call your credit card co and get the # changed and it that is not possible you may have to close the account to prevent this from happening in the future. Never pay a bills from DirectTV with a check if you do they have your bank account# and will do the same.Pay with a money order and get a prepaid cc for their files.


When you first sign up they tell you that they are going to keep a card on file to charge any fees just incase you disconnect. It's in your contract.

Theres this thing called a phone, pick it up and call them, they will send you a bill...


You have no idea what I was told when I first signed up. I was NOT given that information. In any event, I am the consumer and should be treated as though my business is valued.


Your business is valued, but business means an exchange of commerce (funds). If you do not pay then you are not a business customer.


You where told about the card on file policy that means nothing was stolen but collected via the credit card you left as a deposit

@dtv billing rep

I was NOT told about the "card on file policy". In any event, when I asked to remove my credit card info from their files, I was told that was not an option.

Therefore, my credit card was not left as a deposit. More like held for ransom.


You say ransom,I say deposit just like directv, the law, people who can read all say the same thing you loose

@directv billing rep

Some people think they should get something for nothing. Sounds like he/she was trying to be deceptive.


Ransom-the demand of payment before release.Deposit-a returnable sum payable on the rental of something, to cover any possible loss or damage.Therefore it is a deposit to cover the possibility of loss of payment.