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First I cannot believe that a company that delivers excellent service chooses to be so sleazy in their billing department. Best you read every statement before filing away.

I added as a gift to my husband and son a NBA pass last year, but they fail to tell you that you must stop the renew at the next year starting period. Once you see the billing has increased it's too late to cancel because you are already receiving the service so they say. How come this has to be one sided deal?

Why not asking me to confirm that I want to add a service? Why should I have to be constantly on guard for the dishonest crooks like Direct TV?

Product or Service Mentioned: Directv Deal.

Monetary Loss: $30.

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First of all dummy, you are told CLEARLY by the agent when you add any specialty sports package that it will autorenew. Sorry you are so oblivious that you dont pay attention to important things told to you.

Also autorenew charges happen MONTHS BEFORE THE SEASON STARTS, giving you PLENTY of time to cancel the service and get a full refund. Sorry you only look at your bills once a year.

Everything you complained about is 100% completely YOUR fault.

Well done.


By no means am I a DirecTV fan, however; anytime something like this is given for free for the first year--it does state clearly on the bills that it will auto renew if you don't cancel it. It's like that with every provider.

You should actually know in advance, because every Tv company is regulated by the FCC and required to bill one month in advance.

I understand your logic behind it, but that's just not the way it works, period. My guess is that no company has the manpower to contact every customer coming out of a promotional period to remind you to cancel it if you don't want it.


I'm with Lilly...NFL package...had it last year...realized "auto renew" on my bill after the season began...called to cancel and told I can't...really?!?...I'm not asking for a refund...just *** the rest of the season...way to hold your customer hostage Direct TV!


Lily, again like a lot of other people you are not very bright. You cannot call in november or december demanding a full refund for a season DTV has zero clue whether you watched or not.

NFL sunday ticket starts billing in JULY FOR GODS SAKES.

Look at your bill dummy at LEAST 3 times a year ok?


You should read your bills and you being too busy is no one's fault but your own. Your bill will tell you when something is going to auto renew for next season, and it tells you when the billing will start.

Since when does your personal choice not to read your bill become the fault of the provider. I can see you being one of those people that runs a stop sign or red light and then contest the responsibility because you were too busy reading a text or playing with the radio to pay attention. Are you by chance the woman that rear ended me several years ago tjat had to be taken to court because you were too busy playing with the radio...and then told the cop that saw the whole thing that you were not at fault because you were too busy...and yes this is a true story.

And yes i did end up with a permanent injury to my spinal chord. If you cannot find time to be responsible for your own bills what else are you nor holding yourself accountable for?


Ok let's go over this each step last year maybe I'm wrong it happens once or twice a year

1. You order NBA league pass 2012-2013 season

2. You where informed at that time it would automatically renew for next season(that there proves that it was not "sneaky")

3. You get sent reminder that the renew is coming up (once again how is that sneaky) and if you don't want it call before the season starts

4. You cry :cry when they say we are going to enforce the terms YOU agreed to

So I tell you once again why don't YOU take the personal responsibility for YOUR mistakes until dtv starts sending sales Representatives with guns to force you to sign this is a free market you messed up you where given proper notice and choose to disregard, how is any of this their fault


Can you believe this "billing supervisor?" I wrote a scathing review about DirecTV, and he responded to me with personal attacks. He called me a retard and told me that I should kill myself.

The difference was that he responded anonymously to my review, presumably because of the insulting nature of the message. Talk about unprofessional corporate behavior! I have yet to check any of the other complaints against DirecTV (which are numerous), but I think this guy is on a personal crusade to correct everbody who complains about his company. Talk about pathetic!

I can't figure out what he is trying to compensate for, but my guess is impotence. His ignorance, however, is quite obvious.

Which is more likely - that everyone who complains is wrong, or that DirecTV is crooked to the core. I bet I can guess what your opinion is.


You sir are a liar I have NEVER told anyone to kill themselves I ha e never called any a retard I have a brother who is autistic I find that word worse then the n word, I however state the facts because people come on here and lie because they didn't get their way when PROVEN wrong I await your apologies


This "billing supervisor" is not a billing supervisor but merely a *** that hides his true identity and he should not be taken seriously. Just take what he says with a grain of salt and go on about your business.


Hate to be the one to tell you but when you put the package on you where either told by the rep or if online the disclosure was there letting you know of auto renew but wait it gets even better prior to the season starting you received a notice telling you it would be put back on and once.the season starts your Sol and having been given proper notice I can say no refund or credits

@billing supervisor

What I said is: don't sneak a service that I don't need and I might be too busy to notice your mails. You should ask me to confirm that I want the service and if I don't confirm it, then it means that I am not interested in the service. If I want something, I ask for it and pay for it, but in this case I didn't ask for it and I even didn't notice that I have it, so I didn't use it.

You have no right to make the rules and force me to obey them, especially when they are one sided and favoring your company.


So you admit that you don't review your bills that just shows your irresponsibility not any on DirecTV you where properly informed you choose to ignore they did the right thing personal responsibility learn it... Live it

@billing supervisor

You ignore my main point. I didn't make the choice.

Your company made it for me without asking me to approve it. It is like in contract that the small letters adding some information that is not in the benefit of the customer in a hope that the customer will not see it and the company will benefit.

You are a paid worker of the company that cheated me, so I understand that you are doing your maximum efforts to protect it.


lol Lily noone forces you to have Sunday Ticket or NBA league pass or any other service on your acct. You can decline the free Sunday Ticket when you are starting your acct. Once again you are embellishing your complaint but only making yourself look ***.

"You have no right to make the rules and force me to obey them, especially when they are one sided and favoring your company"

Umm welcome to free market capitalism???? Your right it's silly for a company to make up their own rules about things and then hold people to agreeing to them. Lol are you 5 years old Lily. The world isnt here to cater to every mistake you make, and it sounds like you make a LOT of them.

Try hiring a caretaker or something.


I had an opposite experience. We noticed we had the NFL package, called, canceled, and they credited our account. They asked a bunch of questions about why didn't need it but it was relatively painless.