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After calling to see what Direct TV offered and was aware it would be a little more than DISH I now have, high pressured me, wanted way too much personal info, e.g. my soc.

sec. #. I refused. They told me I could cancel before installation with no charge.

Just one day later after signing up I called to cancel and again they tried to pressure me and then to tell me there was a $19.99 charge for cancellation but the rep had told me if I cancelled before installation there would be no charge. They got my credit card info and sure enough they are charging me which I am contesting. Don't buy into their "specials" they give you one price, and then it keeps adding up; too many switcheroonies for me. I got a little upset they act all "goodie'goodie" on the phone while any intelligent person knows it is just a script to sucker in newbies which I am not.

I tried to go to my acct on line after signing up and they didn't even have me in the system but had sent the cancellation charge to my bank who I called and have to wait while "pending"... They might be ok if you don't mind high pressure, sneaky add-ons and fast talkers. Even witht he "special" plan on paying way more than you expected. Also there is a two year contract whereby your second year goes sky high.

I was upset with myself for giving so much info over the phone about my personal info and the fact they couldn't have better customer service.

Product or Service Mentioned: Directv Tv Service.

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I'd love a follow up on this.

I work in the department that cancels pending orders, and there is definitely not a charge for cancelling an order before directv service is activated. Absolutely anything you paid up front, including shipping and handling, or state taxes that were charged to an otherwise 'no upfront cost' order should have been refunded to you.

If you never received the refund, I highly recommend calling directv again to make sure the entire order was cancelled properly.