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In August 2016 my mother was coming to live with my husband and I because she was sick and was falling down, we called Direct TV and set up a service call to have a cable box put in the spare bedroom setting my mom up in that room. My mom was sicker than we even knew, when she got to our home we canceled the service call and set her up in our bedroom in which she spent half her time in our bedroom the other half in the hospital and died on Sept 25th, 2016.

We live in UT, we have *** internet, we found a provider that is better at half the price of what we are paying our internet provider now. In order to get internet with this new provider we had to do a package deal so we bundled it with our tv cable, in which I figured if we had even a few months more on our 2 yr contract with Direct TV, we would drop the movie channels and pay the lower bill monthly until our contract is over not to back out on the contract. Soon after my mom passed away our bill was real wacky, it was higher and fluctuating, I called to find out we were being charged for the 3rd cable box. It showed the service call was canceled but the box was never taken off our account.

We went thru *** for months paying WAY more than I felt the bill should be until we finally made double payments numerous months to catch up and it got straight again. I now called to see when our contract is up and was told Aug 2018, that the contract was restarted in August 2016 which is exactly when the service call was made and canceled. I was told because a 25.00 credit was put on the bill the 2 yr contract started over, I was never told about this, I never signed a new contract. This was never discussed, once I canceled the 3rd box/service call I assumed everything would remain the same.

I know my mom wanted some movie channels because she was bed bound when she was in the home so we picked up movie channels in which down the road wondered why the bill was so high and was told by your customer service they changed our whole package to the higher package so then they changed it back, we didn't want the higher package, we only wanted to add some movie channels on. I am now showing a 225.00 bill I owe in which I am disputing, we DID NOT re start our contract in Aug 2016, if the 25.00 credit was put on there because you thought we had a 3rd box than that is not accurate, I would of never started a new contract for a lousy 25.00 a month put on the bill, that is Ludacris. I am asking someone please look into this for me and get nothing but a runaround. I called Customer service and was originally just emailed a copy of a contract from June 2016, I called back and said what is this, and they said our contract restarted because we have genies, I said I don’t even know what genies are.

Then I saw the 225.00 online for the contract fee, we have been with you guys since 2009, we left for a lil bit and then came back, I am so upset this is how I am being treated. Customer service is incompetent and has really changed from how it used to be. Its sad. Im asking someone please look into this for me, I do believe with all my heart this is wrong.

I did not resign anything in August 2016 to restart a contract, I was never told it would restart, I never even talked to anyone, I scheduled a service call and then canceled it, the account was never even discussed. I knew from being with you so long if equipment was added it would restart BUT WE CANCELED THE SERVICE CALL, I truly believe its showing we restarted it with that 3rd box that was never installed. PS.. I have their lovely customer service on the online chat right now and she is saying the contract started because we upgraded to genie system, this is what I am saying.

We don’t have genie and never have, I don’t even know what it is. .

Product or Service Mentioned: Directv Internet Service.

Reason of review: Contract Fraud.

Monetary Loss: $225.

Preferred solution: Contract fee refunded to account, total account history looked at from August 2016 due to me overpaying and now contract fraud.

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