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Signed up and they promised me free HD for life as long as I had auto pay. Paid two months that way then all of a sudden they send me a bill and it has $10 charge for HD.

I called and said what is up it is auto pay. They said it was cancelled .. Not by me but they don't know how it got cancelled. they reinstated the auto pay but no free HD anymore.

I argued with them for three months about it and they said sorry they don't really know what happened but the offer is off the table now.

They make all kinds of promises to get you to sign up then yank them away.

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If you contact their customer service tell them that you want to cancel your service. That particular department has more power to be able to make the customer happy as far as being able to change contracts and fee's.

Like you I was duped into DirectTV by the myth of their "whole home DVR" which is a 1 room DVR with POTENTIAL to access in other rooms.

What isn't mentioned is the fact that those other rooms require HD recievers which will cost you an additonal $100 per reciever. thank you directv marketing!

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