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I have had ditrct TV for eight years. I switch year ago from DrictTV to Antena localtion San Jose. I return their equiment and full payment include PPV(year 2005) .Today i received a bill from collector(Direct TV), bill that is from ppv(year 2005). how i can trust with DirctTV billing system ? what could I do ?

1. I will not get their services again

2. l call to ask how I could be charge for ppv when i did not have an active account with them near a year ? they said " ppv charge for year 2005) how this can happen ?

Product or Service Mentioned: Directv Account.

Monetary Loss: $37.

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I ordered one packege and they gave me the other. They gave me the latino package because of my last name.

They did not want to take their things back, because I was not at home. Moreover, they told my daughter that I can make the changes over the phone. I called the next day trying to cancel the service, because when I told them about their mistake they said that I could not cancel because they only accepted cancellations within 24 hrs. Later, I learned that they lied to me.

Since I did not need the latino package they changed my service but a normal rate, because for them, it counted as an update. Since this day, my bill goes up consistently without any explanation.


With satellite if you do not have phone or internet hooked up they don't know anything had been ordered till after receiving equipment back. When its received they read the card and charge for the first time.

Did any of you hve a phone or internet installed on the reciever at anytime. If not there is your answer...beat your children.

All sat companies do this, because satelite signal only works 1 way. Phone and/or internet creates the 2nd rd back to the company


@ S Taylor - how did you get them to take care of it? They just gave me the old \"I understand where you\'re coming from\" bit.


I mean 5 years later they charged me for movies they "claimed" I didn't pay for!!


I had Direct TV Service and switched over to another provider. I returned their receivers and remote controls.

I then received a bill for the last amount due and another bill for $0.00 amount due.

Now, I look on my bank account and see where they did an unauthorized debit on my bank account for some movies they claim I didn't pay for back from 2007 (7 *** years later?!!!). Direct TV service is just another sham.