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In short, we had Direct TV for 6 years with no problems. We cancelled and returned the reciever and paid our final bill.

SHortly later we recieved a bill for unseen and unpaid for films. We called costumer service and requested roof of the films. They first promised to provide the proof but weeks later we recieved only another bill. Then we called customer service again, and were told we could not be mailed the proof we requested.

THe customer service was obnoxious and then we recieved a notice of collection and the collection agency was even worse over the phone.

We paid the bill to avoid credit problems but we wish to pursue a complaint with the FCC and BBB and join a class action suit.

ANy suggestions and any sign of hope that we can get our money back and destroy this company ?

Review about: Directv Tv Service.

Monetary Loss: $45.

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I went on line to check my bank balance today, and found that Direct TV had taken over$714.00 out of my account. I called direct TV very pissed off and talked to Robert the supervisor.

I bought a house the middle of October and called to move my service. They could not install because the trees were to tall. I called in Novemer because they sent me a bill. Because I didn't specifically say cancel my service I am being charged for service I did not have and equipment the installer told me they would send boxes for if they wanted the equipment back.

I ask Robert how I was suppose to continue service, if I moved and they were unable to put up a dish, he said they can't cancel my service without me calling and saying cancel my service, even though I called in November and told them I had moved and they could not install a dish. I also found out from my bank that any time you pay on line, they do not need your permission to take what ever they want from your account, if they say you owe it.


What you need to do is file a complaint with your states attorney general. Explain the problem in great detail, then while on the AG's website for your state, copy and paste the select laws that apply to your problem that backs you up.

The at the end of the complaint, you only need to tell them what it is that you think will resolve the issue. Within a few weeks all should go better.

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