i have had Direct TV for nearly 2 years. I am cancelling/defaulting my service as of today, because I have finally realized I am not the dumb A$$ customer they think I am. I pay literally every three weeks on my account, and the bills continue pile on. I am without service now (again) because my Dec 5th bill is not yet paid, and on top of that, the bill it more than double what it should be. When I tried to make any kind of payment, it was rejected.

how far can this rip off company go, as they bleed people dry, holding television hostage until more and more bills are paid?

I am not going to pay another dime, I have called and cancel and have them send me the final bill, including the early termination fee, and pay that when I *** well feel like it.

I am not sure how this is even legal.

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