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Update by user Nov 22, 2011

How about this. direct TV responded to the AG\'s office(not me) and said, although they did review their agreement and were correct, there may not have been proper disclosure for the \"FREE\" DVR and so they were going to wave the entension of the 2 year agreement.

How Kind of them.

Funny thing is, they contradict themselves in their own letter by saying the DVR upgrade was \"FREE\" but they were going to wave the 2 year contract extension? How does that equal free????

Update by user Nov 06, 2011

Nothing new to report. I finally received a E-mail from Direct about a week ago saying they would look into the matter.

They also said I shouldn\'t have contacted the Atty General because they felt it could be handled had I contacted them with my concerns.OMG! I told them I had spent countless hours on the phone with them to no resolution.

I told them I was fully aware of the Class Action Lawsuit they are involved with concerning these very issues! I still have no resolution!

Original review posted by user Oct 06, 2011

I contacted direct TV and of course while I was on the phone I got the sales pitch. We can give you Free HBO and then if you don't want it after the 3 month's you cancel at no charge. Also Let me give you Free HD channels for 3 month's, once again you need to call by a specific date to cancel. Guess what before the date I was suppose to cancel I got a charge for the "Free" HD channels. Surprise! I was taught long ago nothing is free, but I continue to get sucked in.

Every time I call Direct TV I get a totally different answer or they never listen to you, they just keep repeating their answer like a recording. So

back to me getting the equipment. I call for the equipment, apparently when you order different equipment then they consider that an upgrade. I was told by the installer they send out the upgrade because my old system would not be capable of doing what was needed. Turns out the reason I now had to have an installer out (cost me 19.99) because my system was now a DVR and he had to do something to the dish? Here's the kicker, Direct TV automatically extends you contract to an additional 24 month's when you upgrade. Here's the biggest News Flash! They don't tell you! That's right I was never told, or signed anything agreeing to a 24 month extension. What a Rip off. Oh you want to cancel? How about 20.00 a month for the remaining amount of your new contract! (Extortion!) I was so upset after telling my story 3 times and a 4Th person will be calling me back. I have a serious heart condition and these people have aggravated be every time I call. It's funny how the big companies get big my screwing the little guys! No one there listen's!

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DirecTV rips you off by non-disclosure, including re-starting your contract time with them if you upgrade a piece of equipment. Your time starts again.......


You are absolutely correct in saying DTV does all that to their customers and more.They do not listen,they are there to get your money and extend your contract anyway they can. the best thing to do is calm down and not deal with them,read the complaints/answers of others and you will pick up more information on DTV and what they do to their customers.

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