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Be very careful when dealing with direct tv.I was told that my rate would be around $30/mo and that there would be a slight increase after 1 year on a 2 year contract.

Maybe it is a slight increase to Bill Gates, but it went to $80 per month. When I called to disconnect, I was told that there would be a disconnection fee that ammounted to $80/ month for the next 11 months, (until the 2 years ended). Now they refuse to send me a box to return THEIR equipment that conked out with 2 weeks left.

I was told it would be deilvered promptly, and was also told that if the equipment does not get back to them by 2 weeks after contract expiration, I will be charged an additional fee between $200-$300 for failing to do so.I plan on returning to DirectTV as soon as Thomas Jefferson rises from the grave and asks, "what the heck are you doing to my country?"

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Be sure to get a tracking # so you can prove they got the equipment

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