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I initially had an HD TV with the direct tv HD receiver, my HD tv went out, I called them and direct tv told me I had to complete a years worth of service before I could switch out receivers, in the meantime I hooked up an older model tv that doesnt have HD capability and continued to pay the $10.00 per month, now its been a year, I called them back and they had the nerve to tell me I would have to buy another receiver for $69.95. What kind of mess is that. That is unfair!

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If you accept another receiver, I do believe you are extending your contract for another 2 years (this is considered an upgrade).They will not volunteer this info and if you try to cancel service they will automatically charge your bank or credit card early cancellation fees($20 for every month left on contract)+ nonreturned equipment fees and then you will have the problem of trying to get your money refunded.Be Wise read the other complaints about DTV and you will be able to make a better decision as to what to do about your situation.

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You are lucky if they only wanted to charge $69.95 for a new box. The usual price when this happens is $99.00.

So they cut you a break.

Google Direct TV lawsuits. They are being sued by state attorney generals for all kinds of shady rip offs.

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