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We called Direct TV about service - They quoted us their basic package, charged us $60 and two days later the installers showed up. We only had a few channels to watch as all the others were pay-per-view and gave them a call.

They said that's what we ordered but could upgrade to another package with more non-pay-per-view programs, now were doing good right?

Wrong = called them again and that's when we found out this was not a regular package like they said,it's a promotional package and the price would increase after 3 months & we found out about all the additional charges from the original installation.

Having this much trouble on day two we told them to shut their service off, we didn't want it any more and they said OK. Now were doing good right?

Wrong = A couple days later we found they had deducted $546 from our bank account = Early cancellation of contract fee.

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I caught that automatic stuff that they were trying to glaze over when I cancelled...I'll be changing my credit card numbers. They misquoted me price and expect me to pay them the extra and the cancellation fee...it's just not right.

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