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I ordered direct TV and got in installation date. No one showed up. I called, they didn't havve me scheduled. Another date was set, they came, did not have the equipment needed. Rescheduled. Finally installed.

Worked for 1 week. I ordered the UFC fight (over $1000) for my business. Spent $ advertsing. Called several times because the channels were not coming in. Heard at least 5 different reasons, but it "would be OK" - refused my multiple requests to dispatch a service tech. Fight night - lost over a hundred customers because the fignt would not come in. Spent 4 hours on the phone and asked repeatedly for a tech to be dispatched - would not send anyone. Tech showed up on Monday and replaced a part on the sattelite dish - up and running in 20 minutes. I lost the NFL Ticket that Sunday and the fight Saturday. I have called 4 times requesting some compensation and was offered $160 which I refused. Am still waiting a week later for the 3 people I left messages for to call me back - all promised to call back "within the hour".

I still don't know how much this service is costing me - I got a different story each time I called. And now they offer the NFL Ticket free to new residential customers while businesses pay close to $3000 for it- and and lose customers to the free deal!

The customer service people read a scrip and have no idea what they are doing. The service techs try to get you to call them personally and want to charge you directly to fix your problems because they know Direct TV won't dispatch them.

I have never experienced such horrible service in my life. The damage they did to my business in the form of lost customers is immeasurable.

Product or Service Mentioned: Directv Installation.

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@CMurillo: I am sadly not surprised. Not only did one of my friends get ripped off by them, but a quick check with the Better Business Bureau reveals that they have had over 38,000 complaints in the last three years.

8205 Advertising/Sales issues

13952 Billing/Collection issues

16290 Problems with Product/service

121 Delivery issues

61 Guarantee/Warranty issues

Not only that, but the FTC fined them more than $2.3 million for violating Telemarketing rules, and 49 out of 50 attorney generals charged them with misleading sales and marketing practices.

Put it all together and you realise that DirecTV is a horrible, horrible bunch of rip-off artists.

Dish Network is better by a factor of three, with less than 14,000 complaints settled in the last three years, though like DirecTV, they are facing charges from the FTC for violating telemarketing laws.