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about a year ago I ordered direct tv, sent $20 to their office in Hardware California. Shorty thereafter their specialist came to my home and stated I could not receive their service because the line of sight to their satellite was blocked by trees.

The company sent me a letter saying a refund was on its way. Yeah right. 6 months later I talk to some *** who states the account is now on super secret double probation and that the check is in the mail. Its just $20, however its principle, if I owed these idiots $20 they would probably shut off my service.

I'm Jim Siano and I live at 162 Feltham Road in Springfield, Ma and I am pissed. Since they do business in interstate commerce I wonder how they'll feel with a federal class action law suit.

Anybody experience same thing? Amplify that $20 times a million, guess what, we have problems Houston!

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