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Direct TV withdrew $501.72 from my bank account almost 3 months ago and i still have not gotten it back yet. I live with my mother and my infant daughter, our direct tv account is in my mothers name. When she got a bill from direct tv that was substancially more than it ought to have been and we did not have money to pay the bill, my mother called to inquire why the price was so high. I cant recall what explaination she gave her in regards to the bill BUT, she did tell my mom that we would have up to 2 weeks to pay the bill before it was sent to collection. The VERY NEXT DAY we recieved a letter in the mail stating that our direct tv account had already been sent to collections(so obviously not only was that CSR wrong about how long we had to pay but she was COMPLETLEY unaware of the existing situation which i think someone who is instructing you on how to proceed with important payments should know). Next day mom went to buy gas and our debit card was declined!! Bank Account at -$400 somthing dollars?!?! "OMG how will i buy diapers, or pay me rent and electric, OMG my checks from work are direct deposited,my moms SSI check is to, its all going to be sent into a black hole!!!"

That was what went throuh my head. So...heres a question for you direct can my account have been sent to collection....but you still took out half a grand from my bank account for a bill you should have had nothing to do with by then???? Anyway, obviously i called...iv spoken to upwards of 30 people since this happend so i could even begin to remember all i was told BUT i do remember the basis of what they ALLLL said to me. "Im very sorry for your inconvienence ma'am, bear with me a moment......(20 min hold)......Okay ma'am iv reviewed the notes on your account and it seems that whoever you talked to before me mis-informed you and no we cant give you your money back even though you were told be someone else of the same authuorotiy that you could." They ALL said that to me,lol. Okay, so i was informed that my mother signed a contract stating (somewhere in there) that in the event of non-payment the OUTSTANDING BALANCE would be withdrawn from the account.....thats fine. They withdrew the balance plus equipment fees and a cancellation fee with i didnt ask for cancellation (its also in the contract that non-payment is considered cancelllation.) I would call and someone would tell me "i can get your money back in your account in 6-8 weeks"(which is a long time when you have a baby and bills and THEY were the ones to overdraw your account in the first place!!!) I would call back to check on things and that person would tell me the other person was wrong and i couldnt get my money back, or i could only have a portion of my money....this has been going on for months till this very day. WHERE IS THE CUSTOMER SERVICE?!?!?! You CANT EVER TALK TO THE SAME PERSON MORE THAN ONCE. And that is why they get away with this because to whoever your talking to...its a new problem to them and your needs are not known. They must lie, otherwise how could someone tell me they are processing a refund request when apparently they arn't allowed to to being with???? Okay so FINALLY I speak to a woman named Lakisha who says to me if i sent her $194.11 she can credit my bank account back the full amount (i neede the full amount back so my back would credit the $200+ in overdrafts.) I told this woman numerous times that "this is THE LAST of my cash and i had to borrow it...i have nothing after this" and insitsted she promise me this would work and she did. When the money didnt go back in my account i called this point in i refuseing to speak to anyone who is not a supervisor (yeah, because that helped so much) and the next person i spoke to (Evan) told me (after calling me a liar about what i explained i had been through) that it would be a problem to get the full amount back but he could do it if i suspended my service in order to credit my account enough money to make up the difernce. ( suspened the account that i just got turned back on with that $194.11 after not have cable now for a month) so i let him suspend it because i had no choice in the matter. He told me it would take 2-3 days for the money to credit to my direct tv account and anouther 8-12 days for it to post to my bank account. At this point i owed everyone money, couldnt pay my bills, or put gas in my car or do ANYTHING. So in tears i begged this man to help me and insisted there was something he could do. (nothing like crying on the phone with a customer service rep to make your day....i was humiliated by direct that not freaking cable company mad me cry) So he told me that he could expidite the proccess to 3 days...he gave his badge number (he said in case i needed to contact him) and asked for my phone # and promised he would call me that coming tuesday to let me know how it worked out. For 1 he never called and 2nd when i tried to call him...i gave the badge number to the woman on the phone and she said that unless he worked in that actual building the badge number wasnt worth anything.......THANKS EVAN...for nothing. I still havnt gotten my monay back and that 8-12 days that it was supposed to take was up this past im getting a lawyer. If i hadnt been for tax returns and the long holiday i worked at my this very moment i wouldnt be able to write this becasue not only would i not have internet....i wouldnt have electricity,a phone,or a place to live for that matter. Had this happed at a less oppourtune time...I would be homeless with my mother and my baby....tell me how absolutly screwed up that is...and all they say is "Im sorry for your inconvienence ma'am" If you look at this situation down to the nitty essence, contract or not, and huge amount of money was taken from me wrongfully, and the people that took that money are refusing to give it back. So the nitty gritty is that i was robbed by a corporate company. My $500 is pocket change to those people but it almost destroyed my entire bout that. Seriously people, im not going t let this happen and them get away with it so if anyone reading this has ANY information that could help me get these guys even for a small hit i dont care i have to do any information or comment if something similar happed to you please let me know. Thanks


Product or Service Mentioned: Directv Tv Service.

Monetary Loss: $800.

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You may want to file an online complaint with the BBB tell them them just the facts and dates of your complaint.The BBB will write a letter to DirectTv on your behalf Also, you can call your bank and ask to dispute the charges against Direct TV if your bank lets you do this and the money is replaced into your account you must close this account so the charges cannot be reapplied later. if the bank will not let you do this you may want to go to arbitration and let them decide.Keep all receipts and dates.I wish you Luck.