Aftet moving my Yv on April 3, I failed to reconect my phone line. after two movies I could nolonger order with my remote.

My June gill was for $82.87. I relixed the problem and reconected phone line. I paid & 150. I figured I would get a charge for the two movies.

In 14 years have never been late so figured I woul get a credit the next month. Big mistake I had tried to odder several more thime before reconecting end was over charged for every attempt about $120. Customer service very rooud including one service manager hang up. they ackowledged error but it took one week and 5 call to get partial credit.The problem was acnowledged from first call but not willing to correct.

till I talked with the third supervisor. The second one even hung up on me. The bigest problem they acnowleded eror from first call but were not willing to corect even for a 14 year customer that has always paid on time and never had a real problem.

and they call temselves customer service reps?Too litle compitition the alternatives comcast and dish are no better.

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