Direct TV claimed to be carrying the world cup of Rugby in September but you had to order another channel for 12.95 per month, seem cheap until you find out they dont carry all the games like thet told you and the semi finals and finals were on another channel which was pay per view , another $ 24.99 per game. THe other big problem is they claim that you can get a package for $29.99 per month, try and find it on their web site, you can't it isn't there because they Quote "want people to purchase the other packages onthe web starting at $ 60.00 per month" then get this I was having trouble with the reciever and they wanted me to make sure that it was plugged in to the power supply, wouldn't be having trouble then because it wouldn't be on . I am going back to cable for the basis and then Net flick's and a good book.

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