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In 2003 subscribed to Direct TV b/c there was nothing else available to us in our new home. Was actually very satisfied with the service. Only lost a signal a handful of times during severe weather and it was only out for a max of 15 minutes. Then we upgrades to a high def system and my opinion of DirectTV has been forever changed.

In December 2007 we upgraded b/c we purchased a high def TV for our basement and our satallite service hasn't worked right since- it's now June 2008. We've had 8 service calls - which, by the way your not supppose to be charged for if the first call is within a certain grace period- I think 90 days and we're still waiting to have uninterupted satallite service. Our signal goes out everyday for a minimum of 4 hours.

Needless to say - we were charged and trying to get that taking care of has taken an act of GOD. We have a case manager - or should I say 5 b/c each time we call our case manager he/she has been "promoted" and we start the process all over again.

And, don't you think, since our service has been interupted EVERY day for a minimum of 4 hours that we should get some sort of discount on our bill? Well they dont, but, what they can do is offer us some free programming option for 3 months. Woohoo! First of all can't watch TV when I get home b/c I don't have a signal and second of all when the 3 months is up they will start billing us for the service. Hello?

I was happy with our service before but dealing with their customer service department is like working with middle school students. They don't know what's going on, can't tell you what's going on and pass the buck to someone else who is equally inept.

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I discontinued my service with direct TV over a year ago, precisely in March 2007 because I moved to a new address and I couldn’t be allowed by my home owners association to install a dish outside the structure more because it was abused in the past by some home owners, Direct TV charged me an early termination fee which took me a while to fight since the agreement I had signed with direct TV at the time waives early termination fee if for some valid reason the account cannot be kept. The fee was eventually waived after having spoken to and made calls to an incredible number of Customer service reps, Supervisors and then management.

1 year later, after I had become the treasurer of the HOA, and I had successfully help override the rules on installing dish on the building, and after getting so many letters, flyers and emails from Direct TV to come back, I called to sign back up with Direct TV. Because I had always loved the Direct TV service “note, not the customer service because that notoriously sucks”. Anyway, when I called to cancel my time Warner subscription, Time Warner beat the Direct TV pricing so they could keep me and within the hour I called to cancel the order for Direct TV.

Now Direct TV illegally charged me an early cancellation fee. And mind you Direct TV for some reason did not cancel the order even though I was told at the time that the order and the account is called. Now they charge me $38 dollars and try to claim that it is part of the fees that was waived a year earlier. It appears that Direct TV would do anything to milk you. They are like hungry lions pretending to be colorful butterflies. I would be reporting this issue to better business bureau and get an attorney or some law firm to investigate this type of practice by direct TV, this may be my first civil litigation against anyone, because I wouldn’t stand for cheats in corporate cloaks. I wonder how many people have been silent about issues like this.