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The nightmare of Direct TV customer service!

My wife and I recently signed up for Direct TV. We were told we had to wait for a week so Direct TV could send their equipment to the local subcontractor to install. A week later, the subcontractor finally installed a DVR and the dish, set up the receiver and left.

Six hours later the screen went black. After numerous calls to the service center they determined that the card or card reader was defective. Their solution was to offer to send us a new card (in three to five days) and if that didn't correct the problem they would send us a replacement receiver (in another 3 to 5 days).

Not to worry they would credit our account for 5 days with no service.

I ask if they could ship a new DVR and new card overnight express and was told they weren't allowed to do that. But, I was told the equipment was in warranty and wouldn't cost me anything. Big deal, they own the equipment anyway and have to maintain it.

I was told by their conflict resolution rep she didn't not have the authority to ship any equipment overnight express. She had to follow their customer care process. Her solution was to send me requested new equipment in a 3 to 5 day shipping window.

I ask her if Direct TV valued its new customers and if they were at all interested in saving a potential $2,500.00 in revenue over the next two years for the mere cost of overnight new equipment to a new customer in our situation. She had no response.

This being the state of Direct TV's customer care program they lost our business. We canceled our order and will return their equipment when they send us the package to return it.

Why would anyone want to have to put up with their kind of customer care for two more years? Sad to say Direct TV doesn't understand the customer's side of a service issue.


Doug & Sondra

Review about: Directv Receiver.

Monetary Loss: $100.

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Today a DirectTV installer name "Mario Martinez /Truck# 62292" came to install a dish on my neighbors house, the dish was not only in front of my back main window of my house, but was not according to our Neighbors Association Rules which saids the dish most be on the back of the house... I try to explain this to the installer and did not have the chance... he did not let me talk and said "If you don't like it close your window!"

I am following with out Homeowners Association, we will see what happens... the moral of the story is 'DON'T GET DIRECT-TV' a company which does NOT care of its image or customer service.

....and YES I did call the many 888s and 8OOs numbers! ... I was disconnected every single time!

DirectTV? ... give me a break!

Cedar Park, Texas 78613

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