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Several Direct TV salespeople promised a $21 monthly discount. We mailed in the rebate, but they would not honor it because they said we went with the Spanish package.

The sales people said the Spanish package also had the same discount/rebate offer. Then they said we had to pay to install an additional satellite to install the Spanish package. So we all agreed to cancel the spanish package and go with the original "Choice" offer. Direct TV agreed.

Then they never gave us the $21 discount. They claim that since the rebate was sent in while the Spanish package, we only qualify for the $10 rebate. They also had to be repeatedly contacted to cancel the free 3-month HBO when the free period expired. They attempted to continue HBO afer we declined it, and attempted to bill us for the extra movie package.

Basically, the sales people say what they want to make the sale, then the customer service people say they don't have the authority to fix. Then they won't let you cancel the contract, and hold you hostage by threatening to ruin your credit.

Product or Service Mentioned: Directv Tv Service.

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Signed up for DirectTV in Dec 2009. Received all the discounts that were promised.

14 months into the 2-year contract, we are unable to receive about 40 of our normal channels. They are either washing out or it says "searching for satellite". We live in southern California where rain and snow are not an issue. This has been going on for about 2 months and only affects the main TV.

Our second TV receives the directTV signal fine on all channels. Direct wants $49. for a service call. I am hesitant to OK the service call for fear that a required repair part will cause my 2 year contract to be extended for an additional 2 years.

I would rather suffer the loss of the channels than be STUCK with directTV for an additional 2 years. Believe me, when the 2 years are up, I will return to DISH Network where at least they seem to be a more honest company.

I hope this comment helps other families avoid the frustration of having to deal with a company that obviously does not value it's customers and their satisfaction. If you are going to go with satellite TV,