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We are looking for a more economical media company (currently have phone/internet/cable bundled) as costs have steadily increased and our income has decreased. I have seen numerous ads for Direct TV, so I thought I'd find out more about it. I spent all day dealing with this disaster of a company yesterday. I have made 8 phone calls so far.

4 or 5 of them were answered by "salesmen" out of the country. The first person would not let me get off the phone without agreeing to purchase services, the second person kept saying he had found other rebates on his "monitor" that I was eligible for and had the price down to a very affordable rate. He would only "hold" those with a $1 charge on a credit card and said he would send me an e-mail verifying what he discussed with me. The e-mail arrived and did not contain a single thing he had promised me.

I attempted to call the number to decline my order and was diverted to another out-of-country salesman. After a very frustrating conversation, I tried to call another number and was finally connected to someone in the USA. The person I spoke with apologized and said I had received false promises and he "fixed" the package offered and said he would send an e-mail with the corrected details (he even gave me his employee ID number... wow). The e-mail arrived and was only a customer agreement... no mention of the "deal" I was promised or any breakdown of cost whatsoever. I attempted to call him back and was again diverted to a call center out of the country. I gave up and decided to try again this morning.

My first call again went out-of-country, so I called again and it was answered in Miami, FL. This time I was "smart" and asked to speak to a supervisor. The salesman refused. I hung up and decided I would try customer service to resolve my horrendous experience. I saw this site and tried the number listed for Direct TV customer service... nobody answered. So here I am COMPLETELY frustrated and frankly disgusted at this point. What about the old "the customer is always right" or making SOME attempt at customer service? Has anyone else had this problem or have any suggestions?

Product or Service Mentioned: Directv Tv Service.

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Thank you SO much for this review. I've had just terrible problems with Charter Cable, bundled, and got an ad in the mail for DirecTv.

After reading what--and very many others--have said, I'm going to run in the other direction. At least Charter gets someone out withing 24 hours.


I believe you only have 24 hrs to cancel service with DTV.They have your credit card#

You might try getting in touch with your cc and ask them not to accept any charges from DTV and send you an email for proof.Your CC may do this but don't depend on it. If DTV places charges on your card you can dispute the charges and wait till cc does its investigation and charges maybe reapplied or you can close this account real quick before DTV puts charges on it.I wish I had a clear cut answer for you to do but there is none.

This sounds like a new scam from DTV diverting your call out of the country so you cannot stop the order before the 24 hr time limit is up.

The charges could be pretty high usually over $400 for early cancellation fees + other charges they may apply. I wish you luck