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I originally signed up with DirectTV ofter horrible service with Comcast. My Comcast serviceman actually told me to go to DirectTV.

I took his advice and signed up. I did the Verizon Triple Play and received a whole bunch of Premium channels and a couple of receivers and DVR free. They told me that I had all of these free channels for a few months. They also told me that I would receive the NFL Ticket as well.

No offense to football fans but I told them that I would never need that service and requested to cancel immediately. They told me that I had to wait until the end of the promotion period to cancel the services. So when I called to cancel after my promotional period had ended they offered me an additional 3 months of a premium channel (HBO/Cinemax I think). I foolishly accepted and they continued the NFL Sunday Ticket.

So, I cancelled the premium channel after the promotion period and thought that was that. After reviewing the next couple of bills and noticed that they were correct I just paid my bill like normal. Well shame on me, I did not notice that they started charging me for NFL Sunday Ticket again. I just got off the phone with those smart-A@#es and they said that I made an agreement and I had to abide by it.

I told them that I never authorized NFL Sunday Ticket and they said that I did when I accepted "HBO" and that I never officially cancelled NFL Sunday Ticket. Anyway they made an offer that they would credit me 3 months and remove me from further billing or I could pay the full amount and the cancellation fee of $200 if I didn't like it. I must admit that my service is way better than Comcast but I think both of their customer service departments suck. So if you learn anything from this b%$tch session.

Please be aware that there is nothing that these companys will give you for free and there is alway a motive. If you let your guard down, they will find a way to burn you.

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When I signed with direct in november I had recieved a pamplet that gave 3 different rates a 29.99,a34.99and a39.99 I chose the 39.99 thinking it was a better deal I also recieved 3 recievers plus dvr box for free.I just got off the phone with a rep and all she did was argue with me that there was no such offer well I keep all records and I tried to explain that it was a true she tells me no it was 44.99.I am terribly disappointed I was misled by the sales rep to start with.My husband says if this is the way they do bussiness we need to cancel which I don`t want to yet I just want things made right by direct.I feel twisted in all directions now its your turn to keep me as a customer.Ruby Huether

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