I have ony had this service for 4 mths. In that time, they have overbilled me from the original agreement every month.

If you are past due (according to them) they start calling all day long. Expect ten to 15 calls a day-even after the service is turned off.

They want credit card/ATM information given over the phone.

I had DISH sat for years and am going back. This company is terrible.

The representatives that call you are rude and treat you as a child. If you do get a "adjustment" on your bill, it has to be approved by the manager in another department.

Also if you mail your bill, the representative tonight told me the bills are picked up in Los Angeles and then delivered somewhere else.

When I asked him where the bills were shipped to he did not know. This comapny smells like low tide on a hot summer day.

Review about: Directv Manager.

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