After being initially solicited by a representative at Direct TV satellite services, I contracted for services at an initial price of approximately $34.00 per month. In order to take advantage of their promotional services I had to sign up that day, etc.

At the point of sale, I directly asked if the same price applied to the 2 year contract. I was told yes. However, a year later, I came opened my bill from them to find a $89.00 bill! When I called to inquire, they told me that it was in my contract that the price would increase.

When I asked for a copy of the contract with my signature, I was referred to write there legal dept and given the address for the office of the president as well. Of course, they were unable to supply me with a phone number. In reviewing my bill, I also noticed because I had elected to stop having them withdraw the payment directly from my checking account, Direct TV began charging me a increased fee for leased equipment to the tune of $10.00 per tv connection. As I voiced my complaints to more than one representative and a supervision, I was given a routine "I apologize" if you misunderstood.

One person wanted to sell me additional movie channel services at a discounted rate. My reply was along the lines of why would I want to sign up for additional services when I have already been a victim of the "bait and switch" method of operation. A few of the representatives I have difficulty understanding their speech. Per inquiry, they confirmed that they operate call centers outside of the USA.

I refuse to patronize a company to sends our jobs overseas and typically pays those folks a lower wage as well.

In the final analysis I am opting to pay a 20.00 per month cancellation fee to rid myself of a 89.00 bill which at the point of sale, I was told would not increase. So, I guess it is a case of "Buyer Beware".

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