Beware when signing up for Direct TV. I recently signed up for Direct TV. Two days later, I called to cancel because the service turned out to be inferior to my cable service. When I spoke to Direct TV, they informed that service could only be cancelled within the first 24 hours. After that, I would have to pay a two-year commitment fee (over $400) if I wanted to cancel the service. Additionally, although I initially signed up for the service by calling Direct TV directly, they told me the service was actually installed by a third party, and therefore the cancellation issue out of their (Direct TV's) hands.

First, I was never informed of the 24 hour cancellation policy, nor of the two-year commitment when I signed up. Nor was I informed that the installation service was being performed by an independent third party not directly affiliated with Direct TV -and whose business name I don't even know - which means that any issues outside of the satellite service itself are between me and the unknown third party installation service provider.

This is a crooked business practice that makes you a slave to Direct TV, leaving the consumer with no other options once he/she is trapped in their web. Buyers beware. Direct TV is inferior to cable service in every way possible!

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We were totally misrepresentated by Direct TV. A man strug out as a third party came to connect it up.

He left and came back many times over in several hours. Cable was strung everywhere and it was not connected correctly. That was on a Friday or Saturday and we called Direct TV on Monday requesting a disconnect. My husband who has demintia had signed the contract and I told them that was illegal but they just threatened to bill the credit card fro early disconnect.

We keep it about 3 months and hated it !!! AT&T also had our phone bill totally screwed up and I was fighting that. We had them both turned off and bundled with Windjammer Cable. We got a bill for 361.00 I am afraid to write a check for part payment I have heard they will do an unauthorized draft against your checking account.

We are elderly and our credit is in good shape. What they did was illegal and I don't feel obligated to pay them anything. I actually paid an extra bill or the disconnect would be 400.00.

We don't care if they send us to the credit bureau. I'm not paying it.


If you are going to sign up for a direct TV deal with Quest or any other company, make sure that you have them read you all the fine print in the contract. Should you not, they (meaning Direc t TV) will come back and *** you very hard financially. Buyer Beware


I am not the only one frustrated.

I had been a dtv costumer for 3 1/2 years and ahd problems like no local channels all of a sudden, promsied movie channels when i moved that I did not get.

I was always on the phone complaining. Then we buoght a new tv and decided to get hd. So the installer came and broke our hose reel and left the old satellite on my flower bed. That was it 20 days later I called to cancel.

Well i was over the 2 years so I thought I was fine and I sent back the hd reciever. Well they want me to pay $450 for canceling early huh no one told me that when I got hd i was commited for another 2 years. What a freaking scam. I am sooooo mad.

I never signed anything stating that. So they told me that nothing has to be signed. It is online. Huh what if i dont have internet access.

So I am trying to fight this but no one seems to care and no one will give me a corprotae number and now it is in collections. I have to pay 450 for having a box for 20 days that they have back. what idiots!

I am going to fight this. Maybe we can all ban together and fight together.


I have direct tv in 2006.when my service was set up I have set up pass word to block people from ordering movies. The service was cancelled in 1/2008.

Now it is 9/2008 and I got this bills saying that I order movies back in November of 2006. They my reciever was not hook up to the phone line so they was not able to bill me back then. Remember I set up pass word and nobody know the passé word and I never order any movies. Where did they get this bills from.

I have had the same problem with them before and pay for it because it was just a couple of dollars. But now they said it is 93.60.

That is f...u. I am go to fight this and report them to the bbb.

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