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I got direct TV in October. The deal was 29.99 per month for over 120 channels.

The bill came out the first month for over 60.00 and the customer service said that the rebates would kick in about 6 weeks. The next month I got a bill for the 29.99 because the rebates had kicked in. The past due amount was for 30.00 dollars from the 1st month because the rebate hadn't kicked in. I called customer service to have them remove the past due amount and they said that they would not remove it and I had to pay that because the rebate hadn't kicked in.

They refuse to remove this amount and threatened to send it to the collections department. I have called and demanded them to disconnect the service.

They now want to charge me a early termination fee of 249.00 what a scam this is. The Government needs to step in and stop these scams immediately.

Review about: Directv Rebate.

Monetary Loss: $249.

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Its not Dtv's fault that you moved. So why should they have to pay the cost.

You need to go after your landlord for the fee. The cost you dont feel you should have to pay just gets passed on to all the other customers.

Also, FYI, there is a law called "OTARD" that states a landloard cant refuse you to have a satelite dish. Mybe the state attorney general can help you look that up.


If you would have submitted the rebates online (befor install), they would have been instant on your first bill. You WILL still get 12 months of rebates.

Just now it will be months 2 thru 13. No one is out to scam you.

It cost Dtv about $1,200 to equip and install a new customer. That is why there is a early termanation fee.


I changed over from cable to Directv in Oct 2009 because the cable company would renew my deal for the same rate. Unfortunately, a month and a half after getting Directv, we found we had toxic black mold in our apartment and had to move quicklay as the landlord wouldn't do anything about it.

The new place I signed a lease with wouldnt allow the dish to be installed on the house. New landlord wrote a letter for me to that affect, and I had taken pictures of the black mold in the old place. I called and wrote Directv, letting them know these were circumstances beyond my control, and asked them to let me out of the 2 year contract. They won't budge AT ALL.

They just charged my bank account this morning for *early contract termination fee* of $445.00!!!!! I'm goping to pursue this with CT State's Attorney General. You're right...the government NEEDS to get involved somehow, and stop allowing these companies to do such things. Unreal.

I would never, ever EVER get Directv again.

And you can bet every single person I ever talk to will hear about my horrendous experience with this company. Even if I can cost Directv one, two, maybe 3 customers...I'll feel SOMEWHAT better.

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