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I have been a direct TV customer for several years. I've had 3 receivers for several years 1 HD receiver and 2 regular receivers. My problem with Direct began when a regular receiver stopped working. I was no longer under a contract at that time because I had been a customer for well over 2 years. When I called to get a replacement for the broken receiver (not an upgrade), I was told in order to replace the receiver I would be under a 2 year contract. I felt that was unfair to put a contract for replacement and at the time I had no other choice but to get the replacement as my roommate was using the receiver.

Next: I decided I would upgrade the other regular receiver to HD, it was old and would problem stop working also, and I didn't want to get stuck again with yet another 2 year agreement. (Are you seeing a scam here?)

SO I called and was told it would be a 4 year commitment if I upgraded, but I could go to best buy and purchase a receiver and I would only have the 2 year agreement from the replacement.

I go to best buy and I purchase a receiver using a credit card, I sign 1 time for the transaction.

I set up everything then call direct to activate my purchased receiver as I was told.

Now I'm told it will be a 2 year contract as it was still a lease receiver.

Now I made a purchase of a receiver and must have a 2 year commitment when Direct would have given me one without charge and a 2 year commitment... (SEEING SCAM AGAIN?)

Now I sold my condo and I'm moving. I have not connected the new HD receiver at this time but I'm still under the 2 year commitment because of the replacement receiver. I question about cancelling because I'm moving and I'm told to cancel it would be 450.00 to cancel the commitment.

I cannot afford to pay 450.00 to cancel the commitment caused by the REPLACEMENT OF BROKEN EQUPIMENT. SO I move direct to my new location and set it up.

The first installer Dwight I think told me he had to run a line to each TV because I had HD and the picture would not be good if you ran a single line so 3 separate lines would need to be run. Dwight also told me it would be a 3 hour job and he would run the lines inside the wall and now all over the out side of my walls. Well the installers show up and when they leave I have a single line running into my condo and a black box sitting on my bedroom floor with 3ft of wire all over the floor the black box is plugged into an outlet in my room and a glowing green light on at all times. (not exactly what I was told right)

Now they set up the new HD receiver for the first time. Now I'm still under the impression I have the 2 year commitment from the replacement receiver Not HD.

I'm now told that I'm under a 4 year commitment. When I call and speak to a manager she tells me I'm only under a 2 year commitment for connecting the new hd receiver no commitment for the replacement receiver.

If I had been given the correct information I would never have connected the HD receiver.

I was tricked into this by incorrect information given reference replacement receiver and I'm now STUCK.

I have been a loyal customer not I feel like I'm trapped and can never get away from this company I have be given so much false information by your company I don't trust anything I'm told. Please under these circumstances you can understand the frustration.

I do not trust your company I do not wish to do business with your company.

I feel like I have been scammed by your company. I do not wish free anything ,no movie channel no free hd for a few months I want away from your company. I cannot trust the information I receive from your company. Why is it only one of your employees has an employee number? I have asked and they only give me first names no id number. It's much easier to ID someone by and ID number first names only don't work. Also placing caller on hold for 1 hour when they ask to speak to a manager is also poor customer service. When I called back I spoke with Regina ID NUMBER 414771 She was very helpful and suggested I write you a letter. PLEASE cancel my contract with direct TV I don't think anyone should be put through this with any company.

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