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I am military and moved direct TV claim after offering me a special for 12 Months I was sent an agreement for 24 months which they claim I failed to read. I will never sign a 24month agreement as I moved a lot.

Now they are charging me over 300 for 18 months of unused service. This is rediculous! I do my reserch I had Direct TV as a special for 19.99 per month I did refer a friend along with the special. I don't make alot and this is why I'm careful when chosing these luxury items.

I am so angry, and fustrated. I paid every bill on time directly comming from my checking account and now its about $380 that they now want to charge me. Then I had the account on hold for the last 6 months which was advised by another service agent and when my 12 mark is reached I can be released it was a lie. The lady claimed I had a 12 month special with a 24 month obligation it makes now sense.

I am so angry!!!! and broke!

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