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Okay so I had Direct TV and after moving I was going to get there services again, even though I threat to cancel 3 times after only having there service 8 months. So when the tech gets to my new location he advises me of some type of $30 grounding fee..At that point I was fed up and elected to cancel my coverage.

This was June 17...the rep advised me within 5-7 days I will receive boxes to return their equipment ..and I had about 10 more days to have Fed Ex come pick it up, or else they would charge me for the equipment. The rep advised at that point whatever credit card I have on file will be charged for early termination $140 and my amount due $130 plus equipment if they didn't have it yet. SO day # 6 after not receiving boxes I called..Spoke to a representative who said that the tracking said the return package was in Oregon or something like that. The next day I discovered my account had been charged $273.

I was irate, I called another rep who advised me the boxes were in California with FedEx, at that point I asked for a supervisor who informed me that the representative should have told me that within 6 days of cancelling my service, I will be charged the early cancellation , plus bill. Even though thats not what they said..I asked okay so if you don't receive the equipment you will debit my account again...Yes she said..Okay..Next I said well, I had to pay a $200 deposit at what point does that kick in. I was then advised the 5.00 credit that they list on my bill as a receiver credit..was my deposit being paid back to me ..and because I was with them for 8 months for a total to receive $40 of my deposit back that the other $160 was forfeited!!! Okay.

She emailed me the contract which I have yet to reread. I work in an industry where regardless of a contract if there is a service failure where one of our reps doesn't know the contract and gives wrong information.Then that wrong info would supercede the contract. Next, I said ok mam it took 7 days for the order for the return boxes to reach California which is the place that they are shipped from, then I should get them in another two. for a total of 9 days shipping.

For giggles I said well when does my time stop ticking to get your equipment back, when I load the return to FedEx, to my suprise she stated NO. Okay well if it took you 7 days to get the cancellation return request to Fed Ex, and taking me another 2 days, why would I be responsible for FedEx's delay when in fact you use them.

Her comment was oh we should have it by then...I said like I was supposed to receive them in 5-7 days ..and on day # 7 they haven't even left the shipping post. Well, okay..I wish there was some type of legal action that could be taken but instead I guess I will have to file a complaint for nothing.

Product or Service Mentioned: Directv Receiver.

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DirecTv sent me a refund check and then canceled the check causing me NSF fees from my bank. They said they would refund me but they need me to fax relevant info to them --this has been done 3 times along with numerous emails.

I canceled services with them because they would not stand by their quote of what my services would cost.They promised to go back and give me refunds for what should have been charged. I've been waiting for over a year for the first refund. I had service with them for several years. I refuse to stay with them because of the deceitful practices they use.

They have charged me $400.00 for early cancellation even though nothing was said about early cancellation - I had been with them for a number of years but had my service transferred. Now they are attempting to blackmail me into coming back. Not by one rep but 3. Credit bureau says they do not take them as a serious claim because of all their fradulent practices.

I asked Directv to provide me with a tape or contract r/t fees - I didn't cancel early I transferred. And why should they get away with charging too much and only agree to the correct charges after you cancel.