Needed cable and didn't want Comcast. Upon getting through Direct TV 888-662-2276 I was greeted by a CONGRATULATIONS: You called during POWER HOUR which entitles to a special offer from Direct TV.

To make a long story short and after an hour-and-a-half on the phone transferring me around, putting me hold, the offer went from getting started at $20 to $200.

Prior to getting this bad news, I had already started the process by giving them my social security number (this may come back to *** me in the butt so I'll take care of it). I will be contacting the BBB and their corporate offices about this complaint.

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If you always read the footnotes on advertisements, then you would understand that all companies will indicate "must meet qualification" or something about a qualification.


Hopefully they did not sign you up.They needed you SS number to check your credit rating and that is where the $20 went to $200

possibly your credit rating is not the highest it could be. DTV wants a high credit rating and signup for auto bill pay in order to qualify for the $20. This is Good news because you did not become another victim of DirectTV.

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