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Has anyone heard of crazy problems with Direct TV? Because of their rates and I needed to add some service, I signed up with them. First installation, guy shows up, wires me up, but couldn’t connect because of a problem with my account. Sorry. Just sign up again. We’ll come back next week and finish up. No problem.

Ok. Signed up the second time, get confirmation emails, everything fine. Check in to confirm time, etc. Installer no-shows. Spend hours on telephone and chat lalaland being passed around, disconnected, swearing at virtual humans, etc., only to learn that there was a “problem: the installation was never ordered. Have to sign up again.”


Ok. Signed up the THIRD time, third account, get confirmation emails, everything fine, called to confirm. Installer no-shows Again. Now realllllly angry. Spend hours in telephone lalaland again, disconnected, bs machine running, nobody knows what the problem is, can’t find my account, are you sure you signed up direct tv? Read confirmation and order emails to them. Oh. problem: there was an error in your order. What error? Click.

I swear. I am only exaggerating by understating how long this went on and how many people I talked to.

Really wonder if they are just some kind of scam show.

Product or Service Mentioned: Directv Customer Care.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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