Fort Walton Beach, Florida
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I canceled my service because I moved to another city. My new condo can not have a dish installed so I

wanted instructions as to how to return the equipment. the box came last week and I returned it as instructed.

I discovered that they used my debit card without authorization to pay for the equipment I returned and now

they will not refund the withdrawal.

Direct TV runs a really shoddy company that thinks that defrauding customers is the way to get ahead. Not at my expense they Will NOT. No one can use a credit card without authorization.. And they did it on a Holiday weekend knowing I could not stop the transaction.

Product or Service Mentioned: Directv Tv Service.

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Just an update..... My bank refunded the money because they do not recognize the super fine print that DTV thinks gives them the right to steal from former customers...

The banks says it is under review but I don't imagine anything will change... I did finally get a final bill but it just says paid.. no accounting of the charges...

I wish people would research companies before they use them. But the big thing would be that the company would value a good reputation and stop all this terrible customer service.