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I am trying to clear a debt with DTV. Cant speak to a rep w/o paying the debt, wth.?

They are ruining my credit and took $640 out of my account without my authorizing it. My first hook up only amounted to the guy hitting a switch, there was already a dish there and the place had been wired for DTV. WHY would they charge so much? NOW I am trying to clear the debt after returning the boxes, my bill went from $293 to $428 and the payment is not even due...Now that this has caused me numerous problems , they have reported me to the credit bureau.

I have tried to cancel it but figured it would be cheaper to keep the service until the contract expires. What gives them the right to charge whatever amount they want to. I have had to change my bank account and credit card to keep them from getting any more of my hard earned money. Even though I am trying to make an effort at paying, now the automated teller will not put me on with a real person UNTIL I make a payment.

They can forget getting any more business from me. I will warn everyone I know, to NOT do business with DTV, wish I never had!

Product or Service Mentioned: Directv Tv Service.

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Anonymous..You did not say how long you have had DTV...It sounds as though they are charging for early cancellation fees+nonreturned equipment fees. you can dispute the charges with you credit card or bank.It is easier to get the money refunded through your credit card. You also have the right to post a rebuttal on you credit report stating your side.


When you signed the work order you are signing the "contract" giving DTV the right to pretty much do as they please with your account.You should change your bank account # or get a new one and not give them the #.You can use arbitration if you feel you are right,that is about all you can do... Shayla..file a dispute with your credit card this should get your money returned to your card,you may have to change #'s or close the account to prevent recharging.Good Luck


Well watch out because one of their reps informed me while disputing a charge on my bill that they can issue "undisclosed charges" that are not mentioned in my service agreement. ALSO ......

The rep informed me that Direct TV has option "To make charges and changes as they see fit". What????!!!!! So they can just charge you a fee where NO WHERE in your contract does it mention this fee? Oh.....

And just so everyone knows.... They totally take you to the bank if you move. Their tv ad where they state all you have to do is take your receivers. Yeah, but they fail to mention they are going to charge you for a new dish and installation fees totally over $120.00.


I feel like such a valued loyal customer. No more loyalty here.


Well direct tv just billed my credit card cause I let my sister use my bank card once. I don't have any type of contract with direct tv.


Directv scammed me too, go ahead. Re-read your customer agreement and then re think what was authorized.

Why the *** else would they keep your card on file? For *** and giggles? Thank you.

You weren't scammed you just didn't bother to read the fine print. ( By the way most tv providers do this, as well as phone companies.) :D


@no..I don't care what a contract says. No one has the right to go into anyones bank account without permission and take one red dime.

even if the the contract says you authorize them, which I doubr it does, you still are entitled to be given notice. They did the same thing to me last month. I was not given an such notice. If they can go into your bank account whenever they feel like, why didn't they just take out the money I owned for the past due amount.

Why, because they can't.I have consulted a lawyer and filed a complaint with my state's attorney general office. Direct Tv plays many games with people.

I have called several times to get to the bottom of my matter and I am told something differnt everytime I talk to someone. I have had enough of being the battered consumer over producted not nearly worth what I am paying.


you authorized them to take anything you owe them at any time. it's not their fault you didn't read the contract. you were just like oh, yay, cable tv, lets get that, dum dum dum, yeah i'll sign this, dum dum dum, wait, i actually have to pay for this?!?!?