I have been a Direct TV customer for one year, providing my 74-year-old father with Russian television since he cannot speak English and is alone at home practically all day. A few weeks ago, I moved, and called them on FRIDAY to tell them to activate service on MONDAY at my new apartment.

And what do you think happens???? NOTHING!! So I call them on Tuesday to ask them what went wrong. And they say that my move has been "cancelled".

OK... so anyway, when the technician finally comes, he says the southwest corner of my apartment building is apparently blocked, so the dish can't be installed. At this point, I'm just like "ok whatever, I'm through with Direct TV anyway!!!". But the last straw was when the Direct TV costumer service tells me that I have to pay a cancellation fee of $112!!!!!!!!!

And now I'm looking at all of these complaints about Direct TV, and just, OMG!!!!!

How are they getting away with all of this? Seriously, some one has to stop these guys.

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