I work for a large direct tv vendor in NY and NJ, as I was moving to Arizona, I decided to use direct tv service. I called direct tv sale who told me that they have a bundle package that includes TV Channels and sports including soccer, all movie channels, all international channels, 2 DVRs (one HD and one regular) + Internet FIOS with wifi router, + telephone service that includes all local, national and international calls. I told direct tv to go a head and give me the service since it was for $74.98 all inclusive of taxes and everything. I told them that I would need the service for 12 months only as I will be moving to a new house. Thy said that was not a problem. I asked them to send me an email with confirmation so that I have everything in writing. I receive an email that stated only for tv channel, no telephone line or Internet service was included. They email stated I needed to sign a 24 months contract. I called them up today and asked to speak to someone who could help me. I was transferred from one person to another and then was told that the offer of $74.98 was only for tv channels and I have to sign a 24 month contract. It surprises me that no one at direct tv customer service knows anything what they are selling, even people in their BUNDLES department. I was so upset that I could not get a proper answer, that I cancelled the service immediately as I felt this was a TOTAL SCAM. I will never sell, recommend or even suggest direct tv service anyone.

I hope to hear back from their corporate people explaining how can a company like direct tv have no experienced people.

I am going to tell my company to stop selling direct tv products and never recommend or promote their service to anyone

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